10 ways to wear a bridal veil

As a bride, there are many different ways in which you can wear your bridal veil. Every choice fits your personal style and creates a completely unique look. At a vintage inspired wedding, you might be more likely to opt for a mantilla veil or a small face veil, while a classic style is a veil that covers your face is a better choice. Your height can also play a role. When you're very small, you shouldn't opt for a veil that's too long. This makes it look smaller. We've listed ten ways to wear your effervescent veil for you.

1. Classic veil covering your face

This veil covers your face, this used to be in some cases, where the bride was married off used to cover the identity of the bride. It also symbolizes purity.

classic bridal veil

2. Face veil

This veil is popular with the vintage style bride. It gives a modern and fashionable look for the bride to be.

3. Coloured veil

If you have theme wedding with a color then it is also nice to choose a colored veil. Pink, red or black, choose the veil that suits you.

coloured bridal veil

4. Mantilla veil

The Mantilla veil is a traditional Spanish veil with an edge of lace. It is often worn loosely on the head and secured with two pins instead of a comb.

mantilla veil

5. Veil at the bottom of your bridal hairstyle

Often a veil is stuck on the crown of your head, however an alternative that is certainly no less romantic is to secure the veil at the bottom of your bridal hairstyle.

veil bride

6. Veil with flower wreath

The bohemian bride of course opts for a veil in combination with a flower wreath. This gives your look a casual outdoor feel.

veil with flower wreath

7. Veil with knot

Kate Moss wore her veil this way and it became a trend. Unbutton your veil under your bridal hairstyle. The perfect accessory for the fashion forward bride!

8. The 'puffy' veil

Choose a short 'puffy' veil for maximum princess effect. This is the most chosen veil at a ball gown because the shape of the skirt and the veil fit together nicely.

ways to wear a bridal veil

9. The long veil

The long veil is the choice for a traditional timeless wedding. It looks very romantic and nothing gives you more the bride feeling than a long veil.

10. The vintage cap veil

This style veil comes straight from the 20s and 30s. The cap veil has a cap on the head that flows into a veil. This is a nice choice for a vintage inspired bridal look.

ways to wear a bridal veil 3


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