7 tips for a bride to wear a flower wreath

Every girls wants an excuse to wear flowers in her hair. A flower wreath at your wedding is therefore the ideal accessory. The nice thing about a flower wreath is that it is very versatile. At first the floral wreath has become popular again by the bohemian bride, but nowadays we see different types of brides with a floral wreath down the aisle  to go. You can match a floral wreath with both a vintage style and a classic style. A floral wreath will always remain stylish and timeless.

Before you visit the florist it is equally good to read these tips on how to wear a flower wreath by a bride. The type of flowers, whether or not a veil and a backup plan are all things to think about.

Match your wreath with the other flowers you have chosen

On your wedding day, not only do you have a wreath of flowers in your hair, you probably also have a bridal bouquet, the groom has a floral corsage and some other guests may too. Make sure you are one.

Choose flowers that can do without water for a long time

To make the choice even more difficult, the flowers for a floral wreath of fresh flowers must also be able to go without water for a long time. You're not supposed to have a nest of dead flowers on your head by the time dinner starts.

 floral wreath for the bride

Choose a wreath of dried flowers or silk flowers

There is also plenty of choice of wreaths made of silk fake flowers or, as in our webshop, wreaths of dried flowers. These have been processed with the greatest care and will certainly remain beautiful all day long. You can choose from different types and styles. View our collection in the webshop.

Have a backup plan

If the flowers have not remained beautiful due to an unexpected storm or if they have not survived the drought, make sure you have a backup plan. Have the florist make two wreaths, or choose another fancy hairpin that can replace the floral wreath during the party.

Wear the floral wreath in a way that suits you

Not everyone can wear a floral wreath in the middle or the head. With a classic bride it is often more beautiful when the wreath is a little further back. Try to put the wreath on your head in different ways and determine which way best suits your style.

 floral wreath with veil


Wear a veil with a flower garland

Many brides think that the floral wreath replaces the veil, but nothing could be further from the truth. A wreath of flowers and a bridal veil go very well together. You can wear the veil over the wreath during the ceremony, or start the veil under the wreath. Both options are elegant, and for some brides, the veil will complete their bridal feel.

flower knives with flower wreath

Photo via It Girl Weddings

Have your bridesmaids or flower girl (s) also wear a flower wreath

Even more fun than just wearing a flower wreath at your wedding is wearing a flower wreath with your bridesmaids. It is nice to choose one type of flower for the wreath of the bridesmaids that also occurs in your floral wreath. That way you as a bride stand out a bit more. The flower girls also look super cute with a small flower wreath.

Do you want a unique floral wreath that is handmade and stays beautiful all day long? View the collection of floral wreaths for the bride in our webshop.

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