Bridal hairstyles for 2020 I From half updo to pearls in your hair

Bridal hairstyles before 2020 are very diverse. For every bride, there has to be a style that matches her look and feel for her wedding day. A bride with a princess look has very different wishes than a bride with a bohemian wedding dress. We also see a great diversity in wedding hairstyles. Some bridal hairstyle trends can even be worn with all different bridal styles. Today we put together our favorite wedding hairstyles for 2020.

The Double braid

The double braid is, as it were, a braid with multiple braids in it. It sounds complicated, but a good bridal hair stylist knows how to handle this.

bridal hairstyle with braid

Photo via Pinterest

bridal hairstyle with braid for 2020

Photo via  Wedding Forward

Bridal hairstyle with pearls

This is one of my favorite wedding hairstyle trends for 2020, namely pearls in your hair. You can make different patterns with these loose pearls or divide them in different sizes over your hairstyle.

Photo via

Photo via Inspired by This

Photo via Pinterest

Bridal hairstyle with small braids

For the bohemian bride, the bridal hairstyles with small braids are a nice alternative to the loose braid or the floral wreath. It may look easy, but it takes a while to make it look "effortless".

Photo via Pinterest

Photo via Pinterest

Bridal hairstyle with wavy hair

You would think this is a bridal hairstyle for beach brides, but nothing could be further from the truth. This bridal hairstyle is for the bride who is looking for a glamorous look. The wavy bridal hairstyle is hot on the red carpet and why not on the most glamorous day of your life !?

Photo via  Tania Maras

Photo via Tania Marias

Bridal hairstyle with hairpin

The hairpin is so much fun because it allows you to add accents to your hair. You can let the accents jump over your hair and these pins are super easy to put in your wedding hairstyle.

Photo via Etsy

Photo via the webshop

Photo via Etsy

Bridal hairstyle with braided layer

I used to wear this bridal hairstyle to school a lot, but in a tighter version. The nice thing about this wedding hairstyle is that you can wear it with different bridal styles. It looks great with a classic look, but also fits perfectly with your bohemian wedding dress.

Photo via Wedding Forward

Photo via Health beauty Space

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