How do you find a wedding bag with your wedding dress?

An accessory that is certainly useful on your wedding day is a wedding bag for your small items. In your bridal bag you wear your lipstick, a safety pin, a sample bottle of your favorite perfume, a nail file and a needle and thread. You might need all this stuff on the day and then a small bag to store them in is very handy. But how do you find the right bag for your wedding dress?

1. Smaller is better

You don't need a whole shoulder bag with your belongings for your wedding. Maybe this bag is indispensable on a normal day, but on your wedding day you will of course only take the necessary with you. A small bridal clutch or a small envelope bag is more than enough.

ivory wedding bag

2. Make sure your bridal bag matches your wedding dress

A white bag with an ivory wedding dress is not beautiful. Also if you have a sides. dress you better or have a bag made of exactly the same lace or else you choose, for example, a beautiful satin bag that suits your bridal shoes. Two different types of lace do not look good together. If you have a dress with a lot of glitter, choose a bag with little or no glitter. With all these things money: "less is more".

3. Color your wedding bag in your theme color

If you have a beautiful theme color, have your shoes and bag colored. We can color almost all satin bridal shoes and bags. Send a fabric sample with your order and we will color the shoes in exactly the same color for you.

4. Functional is important

Of course, a handbag decorated with rhinestones is beautiful, but with a lace dress they will continuously hook together. A bridal bag with a buckle that is difficult to open is also not recommended. Think about how you want to carry your bag. If you have no problem carrying a bridal clutch in your hand all day long, this is fine, but otherwise a bridal bag with handle is more convenient.

With these tips you can find the perfect wedding bag with your dress. View the bridal bag collection now  in the webshop.

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