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Are you going to be in the wedding boat soon? Then you are now, and certainly, busy making preparations. You have to think of a lot of things, but it is precisely for that reason that you must not forget yourself. Have you thought of a beautiful wedding suit yet? If yes, top! Then it is now also time for you to focus on matching wedding shoes. Of course, you can orient yourself early on shoes as a groom. At The White shop you can orient yourself to various types of wedding shoes for the groom and you can order the shoes in our shop directly. But what are you paying attention to?


What kind of shoes you choose to groom, of course, depends entirely on your own style, suit, and the style of your wedding. That also applies to the color for your wedding shoes. For a beautiful wedding outfit, it ' s important that the color of your shoes matched with the rest of your outfit. This certainly does not mean that the color of your shoes should be exactly the color of your suit, you can choose to drop off your shoes by wearing a different color. What 's common is that accent colors of the suit come back in the groom' s wedding shoes. This clearly shows that the shoes are looked for specifically in that suit and that makes your whole outfit personal and perfect to marry.

They say, "Shoes make the man!" But if you're getting married, it's wise to look at the whole picture. Where do you want attention to be when family and friends see you standing at the altar? Whatever you choose, at least stay close to yourself. Do what you feel like. Not only do you have to give birth to the colour, it is also extremely important that your shoes sit well and that you feel comfortable in it.

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Personal details make your outfit totally off, your shoes are extremely suitable for that! That's how you can get your soles printed with a message. It may sound crazy, but if you marry in the church and have to kneel before the altar, everyone will see you soar. If you go up the dance floor later in the day, it ' s also visible to everyone. An oppress on the sole is also a fun addition for during the photo shoot. 

The right accessories are the finishing touch of your outfit. The more important, then, is that your shirt, tie, cuff buttons and shoes with matching strap fit inside the whole picture. An easy way to realize a coherent outfit is to choose the same leather in the same color for your shoes and belt. Also wear socks in the same color of your shoes or suit. Finally, bear in mind that not all shoes are covered under each suit.

The most-chosen shoe colors by the groom are brown and black. We ' ve put together for you the most common combinations of wedding shoe and wedding suit to help you get a little on your way.


Order shoes from In White shop

Just order your wedding shoes online now via our webshop and take advantage of free shipping in the Netherlands. Did you know that you have a right to 30 days ' time limit? Then you can take a quick look at it at home! Yes say do you in style, with the perfect shoes for you as a groom.


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