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From a high heel to a bridal sneaker on your wedding day

Posted on by Fleur Kolk

The idea to wear some nice bridal sneakers during your wedding party, but during the day during the ceremony a pair of high heels is basically perfect, but there is something you should know.

A wedding dress makes the coupeuse to length for you, taking into account your height including your bridal shoes. So when you wear a very high heel of, for example, 11 cm, there is quite a difference with a flat sneaker. Dancing what you had in mind will be more difficult than you thought because your dress is now too long. This will be easy with a wide dress because you always have your hoop to keep your feet free, but with a slim model this is not easy at all.

So if you want to choose a flat wedding shoe and a heel for your big day, make sure your heel is not too high. 5 or 6 cm maximum.

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