Bridal veil or not?

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Bridal veil or not?

The veil is a traditional bridal accessory, which many brides believe completes their bridal look. In the past, a veil was mainly worn as a symbol of purity and innocence, the representation of the virgin woman. Nowadays, a veil is more worn because it adds something to your bridal outfit as an accessory. A veil is no longer old-fashioned or old-fashioned, it is just part of it! But how do you decide if a bridal veil is for you? In this blog we give you some tips on whether or not to wear a veil.

Long and short bridal veils

There are endless types of bridal veils, but we can roughly distinguish between long and short bridal veils. Are you already convinced that you want to wear a veil on your wedding day? Then the most important tip we can give you is that you should especially look at the big picture. Does a veil match your wedding dress and a long or short veil is the best for the whole picture.

If you still have to choose the wedding dress, you can always ask the bridal consultant if she can take into account that you want to wear a veil. The stylists in bridal shops have an eye for details and can help you well. However, here too, do not be limited to certain wedding dresses, just because you think you want to wear a bridal veil beforehand. When making choices around wedding clothing, you should try to be open to everything. Only then do you notice what you like and don't like.


Bridal hairstyle with veil

Do you still have doubts about a bridal veil, but do you already have a certain bridal hairstyle in mind? Keep your bridal hairstyle in mind if you want to wear a veil. For example, do you want to wear a perfect, tight bun on your wedding day? Then one veil suits this hairstyle better than the other. Often the bride buys a veil at the same time as the wedding dress. Do you not know at the time of purchase what you want to do with your hair on the big day? Then that is not a problem, but consider that your wedding hairstyle will soon form a whole with your (possible) bridal veil. So it is good to think carefully about your wedding hairstyle. Does a veil seem a bit exaggerated to your overall look? You can also choose other hair accessories.

Trust your feeling

Whatever you choose, you can always have an idea of ​​what you look beautiful in advance, but in the end it will come down to looking at it. When you stand in front of the mirror with or without a veil with your wedding dress, start from your feelings. What do you feel most comfortable with? Also remember: you really don't have to wear a bridal veil all day, you can also wear a veil during the ceremony and take off your veil before the party.

Photo by Alvin Mahmudov  on Unsplash


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