What color shoes for your wedding suit

After choosing a beautiful wedding suit as a groom, you naturally wonder what color shoes you can wear with it. You have some standard rules for that, which is generally known at most menswear shops, but of course you can easily deviate from that. Moreover, nowadays there is also more choice of wedding suits and colors and then you can follow your own fashion sense. The graph below shows the most chosen color of shoes for wedding suits.

Shoes with a dark blue wedding suit

With a beautiful dark blue wedding suit you can wear both brown and black shoes. Sometimes people also choose a mix of blue shades.

Dark blue wedding suit with brown wedding shoes - SOURCE

A mix of shades of blue is also nice with a blue suit.  SHOP

Of course you can also opt for a fashionable style with, for example, these two color shoes. SOURCE

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Shoes with a black wedding suit

Black is often thought of as a more traditional color for getting married. Black wedding shoes are therefore the only option in traditional costumes for the groom, such as a classic tuxedo or a morning suit. If you ask me, black shoes are also the only option with a black wedding suit. I don't like colored or ivory shoes with a black suit, but of course tastes differ.

Black wedding suit, black shoes… that's it! - SOURCE

With traditional wedding costumes, people often wear a patent shoe like this from our web store. SHOP

Shoes with a gray wedding suit

With a gray wedding suit you can choose black or brown shoes. It is true that, for example, beautiful cognac brown wedding shoes are more fashionable and less traditional than a standard black pair. I would personally choose this.

A gray wedding suit with cognac-colored shoes is cool! - SOURCE

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Shoes with a brown wedding suit

Brown is not a color that you see a lot at the moment, but especially for a winter wedding, this is a beautiful color. A brown suit looks best with a pair of brown shoes, but you can choose both cognac and dark brown depending on your personal style.

Unique color mix and match

Today, many grooms do not follow standard rules and create their own style. Mixing and matching with both your wedding suit and your wedding shoes is fun, especially if it suits the style of your wedding day and location. Finally, some nice examples of unique combinations of wedding shoes and wedding suits.

Fashionable, summery and stylish. SOURCE

You have to dare, but it looks good! SOURCE

Vintage feel with a classic black shoe and a thin tie. SOURCE

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