If you don't work in bridal fashion yourself, it's virtually impossible to determine the right size for your hoop. That's why we created this overview for you. Why do you even need a hoop? Not only does a hoop give more shape to the skirt, it also allows you to walk normally and it can really get really hot under your skirt without a hoop. Of course, there are dresses of chiffon or sometimes from side that are made of very light material and where a hoop is unnecessary, but in most cases it is better to opt for a hoop.

Choosing the right hoop for your dress are not fixed rules. It is best to look at the examples below and then determine your size. If you have a fairly slim dress that you wish was a little wider try than a one size larger hoop. You just can't stretch the skirt because there's an inner skirt in it so don't choose too big a hoop! You can usually choose either one size larger or one size smaller if you don't want the dress that wide. If you have any questions please send us an e-mail via the contact form. You can hoops look at here and order.

190 hoop for almost straight dresses

This hoop has a single ring and has a wide range of 1.90M. This one is for dresses that almost fall straight and gives you just that extra space to move.

230 hoop for narrow A-line

230 is the most commonly used hoop for a small A-line. It is 2.30M all around and gives the extra volume that the dress needs. This one is also available with a single ring, but because most skirts weigh many we would opt for a skirt with two rings.

270 hoop for the perfect A-line

With an A-line, this is our favorite hoop. This gives the skirt the volume it needs and ensures that you have enough room to walk with the dress.

335 hoop for medium princesses look

If you have a very wide skirt, but if you don't want it to look super poofus, a 335 perimeter hoop is perfect for you. It has enough volume, without it starting to off the skirt at your hips.

360 hoop for the princesses look

It is possible to wear a princess dress with a 270 hoop, but do you want the dress to be very devoting from the hips then opt for the 360 hoop. This one starts from the top with extra dshes, which really gives you the "puffy" effect.

Fishtail Hoop for Sexy Hips

For the fishtail or fit & flare there are many possibilities available and some brides wear the fishtail with a standard 1.90 which is also fine, but this is our favorite hoop for the fishtail wedding dress. Never wear a fishtail or mermaid gown without a hoop! The skirt needs the extra support to make the silhouette look beautiful and moreover it's hard enough to walk in a fishtail, let alone if you don't wear a hoop underneath it!

Petticoat for hip short dress

Under a 50s vintage style wedding dress you wear an extra petticoat. This one gives the skirt extra volume, so can you give it a little more? Then choose this option.

Check out these hoops in the webshop and order the right hoop for your dream dress.

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