Measure the lingerie sizes

To find the right to determine are two circumference sizes lingerie sizes needed the circumference below the bust and the circumference over the bust. Using the then taking appropriate lingerie sizes table can be determined.

Step 1: measure the circumference below the bust (under bust size) and determine the circumference mate

Step 2: measure the circumference over the bust (upper width) and determine the cup size

Cup size is too big
Please check if good the Tor's electricity hosed down at the back is so the cups at the front in elegantly. The cup, the (bottom of the) bust will encase appropriate. If there are folding or in the cups and breasts are too deep in the cups, that trophy fall too big. Use push-up cups or a smaller cup size with the same under bust size.

Cup size is too small
If the stirrups too far from the body like that too much of the poor or the cups printed are too small: use a larger cup size with the same under bust size.

Not cup size is good, circumference mate
Use circumference mate here is different, but also in another cup. Bigger / smaller as the outline is called the cup can be bigger / smaller! 85C example: in good, but it's The cup circumference too small. Take a 90B (and not a 90C). A 90B enjoys the same cup as a 85C, just the perimeter is bigger.


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